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They Are Invincible

They Are Invincible

24 June 2019

One of the most hype AV film this year. Collaboration work of two AV actresses that debut in Muteki. This is the 10th-anniversary special release under Muteki studio in collaboration with S1 and Moodyz studio. Yua Mikami and Shouko Takahashi both debut in Muteki then later went to S1 and Moodyz respectively as their top contract models. In fact, S1 and Moodyz did swap them for a special release also this month, isn't that awesome?

Now, here my review for TEK-097. When I saw this release that said to myself "Are you kidding me?" I thought Muteki is dead, they haven't had any release since last year. Glad to see they are back and their comeback is a special release for the two AV fans.

Shouko-chan's body is beyond awesome but I'm always Yua Mikami Team. I just can't get enough with her cuteness and smile.

The production is pretty decent and hot but there are a couple of scenes that you felt you want to see more. However, the last scene is incredibly hot where the two argue and compete for their brother's cock. Oh my, I wish Yua and Shouko are my younger sisters. LOL... However, I was expecting a scene where the two wear the bunny headdress and bikini and the sexy lingerie in the promotional still. I'm disappointed it was not in the scene, maybe they have another special release next month. Hoping...

The first scene is some kind of a premium soapland service. The two wear a one-piece nightgown lingerie paired with white stockings and high heels. They greeted their one customer and starts taking off his clothing. They start licking his start before Yua-chan gives him a blowjob. Later they swap, Shouko-chan gives head while Yua-chan passionately kissing him. Yua-chan's blowjob more on to bobbing the cock while Shouko-chan uses her tongue. The two also kneel down to lick and suck the cock. In this scene, I felt like I wanted the two spend more time sucking his dick, instead Shouko-chan proceeds to saddles the cock. During this scene, the camera angle sucks, it is too close to Shouko-chan body, sometimes her face and other parts of her body not in the frame. Yua-chan followed rides the dick. Then the two starts putting oil to him and do the body rub. Later, Yua-chan back to ride the dick on cowgirl position the Shouko-chan on reverse cowgirl. They changed position and Shouko-chan pounded on doggie until the guys cums. I thought the male actor also gonna fuck Yua-chan on doggie, bit disappointing. Shouko-chan cleans his dick.

Next scene is set on a bar where the two play a role as a hostess. Initially serve drinks and massage to those hardworking Japanese man. Later, they decided to provide extra service to them, so the group goes to the private room. Inside, Yua-chan and Shouko-chan suck three dicks each of them. Shouko-chan is quite wild compared to Yua-chan. The blowjob scene is satisfying, it not hard banging blowjob rather it's just an average on. The guys only allowed to cums either on their breasts or hand. The good thing is that both of them clean the dick after the guy cums.

The third scene is my least favourable in this film. The two wears a bunny costume in a casino set up. The guys play them with dildos and vibrators. Later, one guy was lucky to have Yua-chan and Shouko-chan. No sex in here, they just give a kiss, licks, handjob and blowjob.

For the fourth scene, it is kinda fun to watch. The two enjoys the accompany of two male actors in the pools. They play before the proceed to have sex. The sex scene is decent, I love the two in a cowgirl position. Also, they changed partners which I found is hot.

The last is my favourite as it has a little drama and play. I like the way Yua-chan and Shouko-chan compete with each other for their older brother's dick. It reminds me of the scene of Minori Hatsune and Kokomi Sakura where the two also compete over a dick (I forgot if that was a brother/sisters play). Anyways, we see the older brother is in the living room browsing some food to order on his mobile phone. The two with Jenga and play the game in front of their older brother. The two are a bit naughty as they flash their beautiful thigh, ass and panty to their brother. Later, we see Yua-chan won the game and Shouko-chan walks away from the living room to grabs something. Yua-chan took the chance to play with her brother. The demands to take off his pants as she is a hunger to suck his dick. Yua-chan got what she want, well I think little sister always got what they want. lol.. Yua-chan gives a blowjob and kiss to her brother then Shouko walks back and the two pretends nothing happens. Yua-chan's mobile phone rings and she walks to the other room to talk to someone. Now Shouko-chan has the chance to play with her brother. She also sucks his dick. Yua-chan walks in and saw Shouko giving paizure. Now the jealousy starts and competes with each other over their brother dick. The two show their blowjob, paizure and hip movement skills to their brother. The two also did a tag team to give him a blowjob and handjob. They fuck on multiple positions such as cowgirl, doggie and missionary. I like that the two girls have enough airtime in such position. The brother finishes by cumming on Yua-chan's mouth. Yua Mikami delightly cleans her brother's cock. What a lucky man to have such a two beautiful sister that loves his dick.

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  • Year:
  • Time:
    240 min(s)
  • Actress:
    Mikami Yua, Takahashi Shouko
  • Genre:
    3P, 4P, Big Tits, Entertainer
  • Release:
  • Studio:
7 385
+10 14
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